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April Fool’s Day sillyness… Tis a monster mash…

  Heee heee… a few crafty pals and I decided to goof around with making felt monsters. There is actually someone on ETSY selling these things for quite a bit. Hmm…future career? Ok, probably …NOT.  It was fun to make though…and we had our own little monster madness party for April Fool’s Day! 

This here is Ghosty Posty…inspired by our friend the ghost post (um, for some reason on the thread that we had the monster mash on their is madness with posts disapearring…nutty…we have blamed it on Sir Ghosty Posty). So here he is. 🙂  I used a combination of some craft supplies I had around and a few I nabbed from the roomie (her dog ate a layout I had made recently so she has offered me some crafty goodness as an apology.)  However, I lacked anything to stuff it with so he is a puppet.  🙂


In addition to my puppet of Ghosty Posty, the group had an ATC challenge to make an ATC on the Ghost post theme. I really am not that into ATCs (artist trading cards), but I thought I would try. Lol…not so sure I like this one. It was kind of fun to play with an acrylic sheet though. Might have to do more of that.    It also appears that I seem to keep seeing Ghosty Posty as a postal ghost! lol!


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  1. * Anita says:

    Ahhhh ghostie, how i’ve missed you! Both your challenge entries are fab! The monster shows ghosties fun, whimsical side while the atc shows his sneaky side!

    | Reply Posted 10 years ago
  2. * Marsha says:

    I MISSED this!! too funny!!! I miss everything cuz of work *%#$%@@

    | Reply Posted 10 years ago

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