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Easy Flocking Tutorial 1

Ok, I seem to keep answering questions about using flocking powder for flocking.  It is beyond easy. So I thought I would add a little photo tutorial.

So here is all you need to get started:

-Flocking powder

-Adhesive. This depends on what you are flocking. For an image that is stamped such as this that you want to fill in, I have found liquid adhesives work best. A xyron machine works well to add a shaped image. A tombo glue pen also works well for flocking hand drawn doodles. For this project I used a Zig 2 way glue pen.

-Something to add the flocking powder to. I used a stamped image.

Step one: Add glue to where you want flocking powder.

Step two: Shake powder over the image.

Step three: Shake off excess powder. Some people also suggest gently using a finger to press down on the powder to help it to “stick”.  “Gentle” being the key word.  While still drying the powder can be rubbed off the paper.

Viola…you have a flocked image.  Super EASY! No heat setting or special tools needed. I chose to cut around this one and add it to a card.


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