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My first day of gift giving…

I have been so excited about this idea of giving 29 gifts for 29 days ( I literally arose from bed with my heart filled with excitement to start this today. As I did menial tasks like brushing my teeth and driving to work I mentally noted some ideas for things to give. It even has my creative juices flowing. Kind of funny how I have spent so much of my last few years involved in a creative community that generally just encourages buying and hoarding for me. I am beyond grateful to have found a way to add creativity and inspiration to my day and yet bless others and let go of things. What a beautiful day…I cannot say the day was anymore glorious than normal (ok it probably was a pretty dull day to be honest), but my outlook made it beautiful. 

I work in customer service which for many years was a good fit because I love to serve people, but lately I have felt drained and the customers seem needing and my patience is less than it used to be. Today work went so much smoother because I sought each new person as a new way to give gifts. I hope to think I gave a bit more love to coworkers and customers alike and that my day was full of giving. 🙂


A few small gifties:

-7 cents to a coworker that needed change (not much I know, but I had it in my pocket and he needed it. 🙂 ) 

-Kitten raising suggestions and the offer to help in anyway I can to a coworker that found to newborn kittens and is fostering them. 🙂 I was really glad she is willing to care for them too… I love kitties, but egad the inn is full. lol!

Check back in tomorrow to see who I give another gift to. If you choose to join 29 gifts, let me know. I would LOVE to see your blog about it. 🙂


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