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Day two of giving…

Today has been much simpler than my first day, but good so far as well. I have found myself lost in thought about various stories I have heard regarding community building/helping others/ or essentially how important giving to each other really is. I hope to share a few here on the blog when I get around to it, but for tonight I plan to keep my blog simple. The one thing that has struck me about the idea of giving though is that…I must be open to receiving as well. It is kind of funny to say that. I know so many people that openly take anything they can, but for me…I feel uncomfortable accepting help sometimes. An opportunity was listed today that sounds like what I need… I will have to think about it. I have been worrying about my resume and getting new job apps in and WISHING I could afford to pay someone to help me with my resume. So of course today, I get on 29 gifts and someone had posted about helping her give. She wants someone to write a resume for. She plans to pick out of the applicants though. So now I feel funny… I don’t want to apply and take it from someone else in some ways… but I could really use that. That is exactly what I have wished for even… *sigh* So I might just write up a note to her soon. 

As for my personal gifts. Well, I was home most of the day so not a lot of giving to others in public, but I am making a card and some handmade embellishments for a friend and fellow scrapbooker. We share a love for a certain thing that I have a sizzix die to make die cuts with. I can make thick die cuts with felt and chipboard even so I thought a few to send her would be fun. 🙂 

I also stopped in a yarn shop to ask about learning to make flowers. I have wanted to for some time and I have TONS of fiber. So I am hopeful I can make flowers to send to friends soon. 🙂


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