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Day four of gifting…

Well, today started out early. I ended up doing a garage sale again and luckily I made a small amount of dough, but even more of a good thing… I got tons of stuff out of here without hauling it all to goodwill. I am still gonna have to make a run to goodwill later this week, but I feel better about it. 🙂 My gift today…I gave tons of stuff away at the sale. Yep, when I saw someone was interested in something, but unsure of buying it…I gave it away. I had several families check out childrens books and a young teacher that was interested in them…sent them home with people no charge. 🙂 Lots of stuff went that way! It was actually a pretty pleasant day outside and it was enjoyable to just hang out and chat with neighbors as they came by. 🙂


Also, for those curious… I did submit to see if my resume would be rewritten by the person offering on 29gifts. So sweet of her to give that away to someone! Well, I was not chosen, but it sounds like she picked someone one awesome. I took this also as kind of a sign that I don’t need to attempt to pay to have my resume updated somewhere. 🙂 I hope one of the jobs I applied for already will work out. I was a bit bummed to hear this, but the reality is I have gives I want to do as well that would be done similarly. I was thinking of making some cards up to give out and had planned to post them this way. Now I think I will make them, and pick someone, offer them to that person, and if the person wants them send them. That way no one has to debate mentally if they should put an application in or something because I feel kind of down after pooring my heart out. Wish I hadn’t even done that… *sigh* and THAT is sooo not why I joined 29 gifts. 🙂


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  1. * Margaret says:

    girl I think that this is awesome!! very nice of you!! are you getting rid of any scrappin stuff on Ebay? Please do let me know!!!


    | Reply Posted 9 years, 8 months ago

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