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Use things…not people.

 “Love people and use things, rather than use people and love things”

I came across this quote earlier this morning. Love it AND it describes so much my feelings lately. Truth be told it seems that many people are a bit down right now due to economic/political schtuff. Yet this seems to flow out in to how they treat people. Fears of not having things seems to lead to crappy treatment of people. 😦  So I hope to keep my focus on loving people and using things…rather than the reverse. 🙂

Well yesterday I did not really get much of anything on my list done. Lol… I did however spend a half hour rubbing my pups belly and cuddling with him (so that seems like a bit of a gift too) and while at work I tried to view my day as a gift and all I did as a gift. It is probably a good thing I went in with that attitude as well since my coworkers seemed to be having a rough week and there was more drama than needed as is. 🙂  I wish I could paint the quote above somewhere at work, but alas I must just attempt to demonstrate it myself.

I have yet to decide on today’s gifts…


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