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My poor abandoned blog

I am not sure what my intentions were when I started this blog, but like many other things in my life it was pushed to the side when I got busy. I recently quit one of my two jobs. Life was chaotic this last 6 months to say the least.

I am now trying to refocus. I know that my current living situation and working only part time is not my dream, but I seem to need time to evaluate what I really want for the next chapter of my life. More than anything I am noticing how unfocused I am and how many things are left unfinished (laughing at the last post before this…did I ever finish 29 gifts? Not sure. It was right before I started the crazy full time gig and part time gig while working graveyards for the full time one. Can’t say I remember a whole lot of that time period).

The last few weeks of only having one part time job has been fabulous and very much needed to return to myself. I plan to eventually pick up another full time gig and likely keep the part time one, but I hope to find balance in other areas of my life first.

I hope to use this blog as accountability and motivation. A place to document my life and perhaps analyze what the next chapter holds.

So here is to trying to blog more often. Maybe even daily…


Picture 008

And speaking of balance. There are way too many cat photos on this dog lover’s blog.  So here is a photo I found the other day of Rio (the curly brown one) cuddling with  his buddy Bella (Golden Retriever). This was taken in December 2007 when I was pet sitting Bella.


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