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Too many dreams…

Sorting through piles and piles of stuff. I own too much…too many hobbies… too many goals…scattered focus. Yet, I dream of simplicity and I find myself loving quotes like “Simply and do what you love”.

While feeling overwhelmed at what to get rid of and what to keep it occured to me tonight that all these “things” held dreams. I know not everyone shops this way, but I do. I generally pick up a new item with some dream of starting a new hobby, learning something new, or making something new. My room overflows with books, craft supplies, instruments, and outdoor gear.

I had to laugh at this. I dream of simplifying too. Somedays I want to sell it all and live out of my car. Today, I just want to find a way to focus. So I started reorganizing with this in mind. In stead of just abandoning it all. I will try to limit the new activities that come in. I will try to pick activities that are the most meaningful to me. I will limit my focus to a few activities…and perhaps finish some of them. šŸ™‚

And… I promise to blog about them. Perhaps blogging will help me to be accountable and post what I have finished…along with what I am starting.


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