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Martin and his pals

Forget the fact that the blog is named after my life with my dog, Rio. Kittens are just cute. In honor of one of them finally getting a home,  I have to post the newest foster babes, so yes here are some new photos.

Picture 014

My youngest niece helped with the naming. She chose the name Martin (I don’t know why) and it turns out one of my favorite childhood books is “Martin’s mice” so of course I had to read it to her.  So I spent a lazy summer day reading “Martin’s Mice” to my niece and my mom (yes she enjoyed it too. LOL)  and playing with kittens.

Picture 021

 The book is about a kitten named Martin and his siblings, Lark and Robin. Kierst decided the female kitten had to be Robin and we contemplated naming the other male kitten Lark, but it just did not fit him.

Welcome Martin, Robin, and…. Chunky. 🙂  Robin went to a new home today. Hopefully Martin and Chunk will find homes soon. Oh and if you know anyone in the Phoenix metro area that wants a kitten, they need homes.

Picture 015


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