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Love wins

Picture 024With two days off from work in a row, I started my day with big dreams of making a massive dent in the list of projects. Alas, I found myself overwhelmed and dissatisfied with my current life…

This evening however a phone call changed that. It was from my big bro in Alabama…we have a beautiful new little baby girl in the family. As my mom keeps saying “It is so nice to have something to be excited about”. Yes it is. Love wins. Forget the overwhelming to do list and underwhelming paycheck. Love wins.

I cannot wait to meet her…and hold her…for tonight I simply am grateful for the photo my brother sent via text and I anxiously await more photos via email. Thankful for the technology that lets me see this precious little one from such a distance.

I had planned to make gifts for her in advance, but kept procrastinating. I must say in my defense..she did arrive a week early, but I am sure had she been just on time the pile of stuff to make would still be sitting there. So while waiting for photos, I hunkered down and at least made her card. The mood of the night helped to inspire me. So here is the card I plan to send congratulating my bro and sis in law on their new lil’ gift from above. Yep, love wins.


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