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Aww…monkey love. My nicname for my big bro is “Monkey” and he has always seemed to love monkey stuff so I knew when I saw monkey baby stuff his child had to have them. I started to collect a few monkey things, but after telling him of it he didn’t sound overly pleased at the idea of his little girl having monkeys. *sigh* Monkeys are so trendy right now. It is not that I am calling her a monkey…ok, well I might some day. You watch, she will be hanging on monkey bars and climbing around like a monkey in no time (the other two nieces did it…I doubt she will be an exception).

I decided to stick with just these two monkeys that I already had picked up for her. One is the book “Hug”. It was a favorite that I gave to my second niece (monkey number two).  I know I won’t get to hug Hannah as often as I would like so I hope that this will remind her.

The monkey toy was just too cute and the outfit is just a combo of more stuff I had in my stash that happened to match. Good thing for a new niece to clear out the stash during a time I am trying to get rid of stuff. 🙂


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