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Good things come to those who wait…

Well I hope so at least. 🙂  After quitting my full time gig 6 weeks ago I have not been super actively seeking employment. See… I have a part time job that is enough for now and I just wanted more me time to figure stuff out. I also want to make sure whatever job I do get is *right* because I want to stay there a looong looooong looooooong time.

So I have turned in three apps. One I was offered an interview for and they seemed very excited to have me, but I turned it down. It was only seasonal and would have likely been fun, but I want something more right now. One I did not have the qualifications for, but it interested me. I got a letter letting me know I did NOT get that one. The other has just been hanging out there with no news. I figured I just didn’t get it.

Then  *jumps up and down excitedly* I got a call offering an interview for that one. It is perfect timing too. It is the job I wanted the most. The one I have the most experience in. The one that is in the location I want. Oh and I had stopped even turning in apps cause I didn’t feel the time was right, but then the last week I have been thinking more about it and feeling it is time to once again seek out something more than the part time gig.  🙂 Sweeeet! It makes me happy even if I don’t get the job. I hear so many people in this market saying that they are not even getting offers for interviews. So I guess it makes me feel like my resume is ok. I always wonder about paying for help with my resume, but instead just write my own. 🙂

Oh and I hope that my bro and sis in law feel the same way…cause I got the gifts all wrapped and put in a box and labeled, but the box … well it is sitting in my kitchen waiting to go out…tomorrow. 

Good things come to those who wait… I hope.


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