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I started my blog back up with hopes that it would encourage me to finish some of the many projects I am working on. You can only keep readers attention with promises of partially finished projects for so long. :))

Then I got the call about the interview…and ever since my brain has been lost in day dreams of moving back to Flag, worries of finding the perfect house and how to pack, and some combination of dreams and worries about the actual interview itself.

The projects…well there are plenty. My space is strewn with all sorts of new projects that are in the works and yet none are finished. It seems as my mind wanders I soothe myself with picking up new projects. Perhaps it is part of my creative process…

I tried to at least take photos of the many new projects, but my camera’s battery was dead. 

Oh and other news…I made plans to fly out and finally see the newest family member. Only thing is that I am dependent on the next step in the interview to know if I will be available. 

Wandering mind and waiting games… that is the season I am in right now.


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