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It is official…

I am flying out to AL to see the new neice. Woot!  The interview was..ok. No word yet, I am very anxious  hopeful.  I asked at the end of the interview if the time that I had planned to fly out would conflict and they said by all means go see her (so we will hope that is a good thing on all ends). Regardless…. I am gonna get to hold the baby soon!!!! 

Um, so now to figure out this whole packing and such business. Is it bad that I got distracted by a tutorial on making your own luggage tags? Oh and the tutorial calls for vinyl and the author jokes about having some around…hee hee…woman after my own heart. I swear there was some I saved off packaging recently…where did it go?

Oh and the other news…I made top 5 for the color challenge I entered the ghosty card in. Didn’t win the copics I mega wanted though. 😦 Eh, you win some, ya lose some.

So with that I am not feeling super talkative. To be honest, I kinda want to curl up in a cave and sleep until Friday. This waiting to hear about the next interview and waiting to fly out and such kinda has me all warn out. I stink at patience I guess. Funny thing is that I am surrounded by GOOD things. I mean life really is taking a positive turn. Just …not fond of waiting. Uh, and neither is the pocket book. I am avoiding showing all the new fabric and the new craft book that made it home with me yesterday. Whoops… Cause I needed more of that like a hole in the head.

Oh and here is the Luggage tag tutorial. In case you were wanting to make some of them as well. 🙂 Let me know if you do, I wanna see photos even if it is not my tutorial. lol.


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