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New roots…

I found out this evening that I got the job. So I am now preparing to move back to my college town. Love that quaint mountain town.
After an antsy afternoon awaiting news and a giddy evening celebrating the news, I now am trying to settle in to the thought of returning. It is sort of a dream come true, but it also means changes. New place to live, living in the college town for the first time as a bonafide working citizen instead of college student or seasonal employee.

Yep, changes…lots of changes. I am looking forward to returning…and growing roots there. Perhaps one day I will even be able to afford my own place there. 🙂 For now I am just trying to find a place to rent though.

Oh and sorting…lots of sorting. Too much stuff to move. WAY too much stuff.
The process has turned in to more of a “what will I keep” instead of “what will I get rid of”. I am picking out favorites to keep instead of getting rid of just unwanted items. I have too much stuff in some categories (I lack in furniture, kitchen, and a few other kind of essential housing related categories).
So this move will mean saying goodbye to too much of some things as well. I will likely replenish certain things once I get up there, but a fresh start in more ways than one sounds scrumptious.

So back to my sorting…and soon to be listing stuff to sell.


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