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New roots…

I found out this evening that I got the job. So I am now preparing to move back to my college town. Love that quaint mountain town.
After an antsy afternoon awaiting news and a giddy evening celebrating the news, I now am trying to settle in to the thought of returning. It is sort of a dream come true, but it also means changes. New place to live, living in the college town for the first time as a bonafide working citizen instead of college student or seasonal employee.

Yep, changes…lots of changes. I am looking forward to returning…and growing roots there. Perhaps one day I will even be able to afford my own place there. ūüôā For now I am just trying to find a place to rent though.

Oh and sorting…lots of sorting. Too much stuff to move. WAY too much stuff.
The process has turned in to more of a “what will I keep” instead of “what will I get rid of”. I am picking out favorites to keep instead of getting rid of just unwanted items. I have too much stuff in some categories (I lack in furniture, kitchen, and a few other kind of essential housing related categories).
So this move will mean saying goodbye to too much of some things as well. I will likely replenish certain things once I get up there, but a fresh start in more ways than one sounds scrumptious.

So back to my sorting…and soon to be listing stuff to sell.


Home sweet home

Aww a week full of sweet blessings. I¬†returned from my trip out to see the new lil’ niece on Thursday evening. Here are some photos of the quaint little cabin I stayed in while visiting her. It was wonderful to get to hold and snuggle and love on her and of course to see my brother and his wife.

Picture 057

While out there I got the exciting call that I was invited back for a second interview at the job I REALLY want. ūüôā I interview on Friday.

Picture 053

I also recieved several fabulous packages in the mail recently and finished a few fun projects that I hope to show you soon. ūüôā

Picture 054

Oh AND I am now officially a new stampin up Demonstrator. I am so excited to get a SU blog going too!¬† Let me know if you have anything you want to order from SU. I hope to have my own site and such running soon, but I am not there yet. ūüôā

Blooming with ideas

Picture 052Yes my brain has been on overload lately. I sometimes wonder what this time in my life is leading to. I seem to find creative ideas everywhere I go. It is just sitting down and working on them that I am struggling with. So tonight I grabbed a notebook and pencil and decided to make an attempt at capturing some of them an organizing thoughts.  Creative overload soon turned in to writing overload and I had to give it a rest.

I found¬†washing dishes as a form of meditation to silence¬†my mind¬†and finally rested to create these blooms. They are really a chocolate brown color, but it is late and I didn’t feel like pulling the ott lite out to attempt to get decent lighting. :p So pardon the darker photo.

¬†I have been blessed to find myself involved in an amazing community of women. I truly wonder how I would have made it through the last 5 years without them. This little package of blooms is heading off to one of these fabulous ladies. I hope she enjoys them. ūüôā

Silence is golden…

Sorry not much posting lately. Truly my mind teems with ideas, but well too much other stuff going on. Wowza, who knew there were so many fun projects that one could do related to getting ready to travel.


However, perhaps it would be best that I …um…well, PACK and that kinda thing.

So I hope to get a few moments to post something fun tomorrow, but there may be a bit of a hiatus until I return on the 27th.

It is official…

I am flying out to AL to see the new neice. Woot!¬† The interview was..ok. No word yet, I am very anxious¬† hopeful.¬† I asked at the end of the interview if the time that I had planned to fly out would conflict and they said by all means go see her (so we will hope that is a good thing on all ends). Regardless…. I am gonna get to hold the baby soon!!!!¬†

Um, so now to figure out this whole packing and such business. Is it bad that I got distracted by a tutorial on making your own luggage tags? Oh and the tutorial calls for vinyl and the author jokes about having some around…hee hee…woman after my own heart. I swear there was some I saved off packaging recently…where did it go?

Oh and the other news…I made top 5 for the color challenge I entered the ghosty card in. Didn’t win the copics I mega wanted though. ūüė¶ Eh, you win some, ya lose some.

So with that I am not feeling super talkative. To be honest, I kinda want to curl up in a cave and sleep until Friday. This waiting to hear about the next interview and waiting to fly out and such kinda has me all warn out. I stink at patience I guess. Funny thing is that I am surrounded by GOOD things. I mean life really is taking a positive turn. Just …not fond of waiting. Uh, and neither is the pocket book. I am avoiding showing all the new fabric and the new craft book that made it home with me yesterday. Whoops… Cause I needed more of that like a hole in the head.

Oh and here is the Luggage tag tutorial. In case you were wanting to make some of them as well. ūüôā Let me know if you do, I wanna see photos even if it is not my tutorial. lol.

Later Alligator…

Picture 049

Yesterday¬†I got the bittersweet news that the ¬†kittens from the foster litter were finally adopted (Martin and Chunky).¬† Took em’ long enough. I don’t think we have had foster furbabes for that long before. The even better news is they were not separated. Someone adopted them as a pair!

Last night my nieces came over¬†and we played with my new toy. Oh yes die cuts¬†galore from the¬†slice. When they left, I¬†offered them some of the die cuts…to which they let me know “happy birthday” I get to keep them.¬†Ha! It is not even¬†my birthday lil’ stinkers.

Then this morning we wished my mom farewell¬†before she took off for a flight to Alabama to meet the newest grandbaby. I will hopefully be visiting her next week …depending on the interview and such.

With all kinds of other things to do, I chose to instead challenge myself to make a card with the alligator pair my niece cut. Yep, used only¬†scraps and this alligator set. Oh and to make it more fun I joined in on the “Pile it on Challenge”. It is a challenge all about using both their challenge and at least one other online challenge.¬†The theme¬†this week is masculine. So the card needs to be for a boy or man.¬†

Here is the link if you want to join in the fun.

I also used this weeks sketch from Sweet Sunday Sketches #31.


Here is the link to follow along:


I had planned to give it a punny sentiment like “Wild about¬†you”, but the printer¬†refused to cooperate. Everyone is a critic. I have no patience for¬†sassy printers so on to the white¬†¬†unibal signo pen I went, but it also gave up.¬†Having even less patience for sassy pens¬†I tossed it in the trash and¬†left the¬†card¬†speechless.

Picture 050

Oh and the title is not really to mean I am going anywhere, but with a possible trip to Alabama soon and the interview tomorrow, things might get a bit on the wild side and who knows…it might be prophetic.

And now…I best get some stuff set up for the interview. Later gator…

Late bloomer

Picture 048

I stayed up waaaay past any hour any normal human should be awake torching blooms last night (this morning). Egad. I have to work tomorrow too.

Still have a lot on my mind. The interview is Monday. *prayers request…thanks*¬† Crafts seem to soothe and yet aggrevate this.

I have fantasies of making moola off my creative side someday. Those seem to be dancing in my head tonight. I even found myself reading blogs about starting businesses and blah…

For now I should focus on the interview Monday …or really getting some sleep before work.



Edited to add: I have had a few questions on how to make these babies. Now, I could make you a tutorial (love love love tutorials), but I have seen so many around blogs as is. It seems repetitive. So I am linking one instead. ūüôā However, this one shows coloring with markers. I did not do that obviously. I also don’t just hold my fabric with fingers. I use long tweezers that hold it tightly like making memories makes….cause I don’t trust I won’t singe the fingers. Oh and I take no legal responsibility to anything done while you use a lighter or attempt to torch blooms, okie dokie? So play at your own risk folks.


Here is a tutorial:

~Ghosty Greetings~

Picture 044

¬†One of my online friends mentioned how it seemed like the start of Fall where she is. Hmm…here in Phoenix, we don’t really have seasons and so Fall doesn’t truly bare much meaning. . With thoughts of possibly moving back north though, this really got me dreaming of crisp weather and colorful leaves.

I bought this ghost stamp last year around this time and have been itching to play with it ever since. When I saw the color combo for this week’s SP Color¬†challenge I knew it was perfect.

Picture 046


These little ghosties are outlined with a purple copic and then covered in glitter. Grr…I struggled to get a bright photo that showed the sparkle. So pardon the less than ideal photo…

Picture 047

Here are some of the supplies used:

Stamp by Great Impressions, copic marker, bazzill paper, momento ink, stickles, martha stewart punch.

Here is the official color combo and a link to check out the challenge yourself. ūüôā


Storing scraps

Picture 041

I love the look of storing things in glass jars. They are also rather economical due to frequently being available at thrift stores.  I purchased this jar from a thrift shop several years ago to hold Rio pups treats in. I cleaned it up and added a ribbon that matched my kitchen decor and proudly displayed it in my new apartment. 

Unfortunately it turns out he is allergic to darn near everything that could go in a treat jar. So it sat in storage for the last few years…

After seeing a photo on Soule Mama’s blog showing how she stored her scraps of fabric, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it.

Picture 042

Blog candy…

Do you like blog candy? I have been thinking about adding some. For now though I thought I would just point out another blog that has some. Check out the link below for the chance to win a SU BIG shot! Sahweet!


Oh and how cool is this. I won my first blog candy tonight on my crafty world’s blog.¬†

Here is the link to what I won if you want to see it. Check out the album she made for the 3-d swap as well. YUM! I love it!