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I started my blog back up with hopes that it would encourage me to finish some of the many projects I am working on. You can only keep readers attention with promises of partially finished projects for so long. :))

Then I got the call about the interview…and ever since my brain has been lost in day dreams of moving back to Flag, worries of finding the perfect house and how to pack, and some combination of dreams and worries about the actual interview itself.

The projects…well there are plenty. My space is strewn with all sorts of new projects that are in the works and yet none are finished. It seems as my mind wanders I soothe myself with picking up new projects. Perhaps it is part of my creative process…

I tried to at least take photos of the many new projects, but my camera’s battery was dead. 

Oh and other news…I made plans to fly out and finally see the newest family member. Only thing is that I am dependent on the next step in the interview to know if I will be available. 

Wandering mind and waiting games… that is the season I am in right now.


Good intentions…

 I picked up these babies thinking they would be perfect for my Sis in Law to use in her wedding album. They had Green and Silver for their wedding colors. So these silver brads seemed perfect. I planned to send them off as a sweet little thinking of you gift. Picture 040

Only the wedding was 2.5 years ago…

Good news is they made it in the package with the rest of the gifts and they are all on their way.

Bad news is I still have not really finished the wedding gift. *blushes*


While packing up my gifts I found myself thinking of wrapping them. As odd as it is for someone who papercrafts to say this…I am slowly growing an aversion to wraping paper! Egads! I just hate the idea of paper that serves no purpose other than to decorate a gift and then is tossed.  My mom has made a few sewn bags for gift bags in the past and I have been considering going this route as well. -Yep that is on my future project list. 🙂

While searching online I found  these:

Wow…Cinderberrystitches whole blog is just scrumptious. I forgot what I was searching for and honestly found myself lost in her blog. It left me with an itch to quilt and embroider. 🙂

Good things come to those who wait…

Well I hope so at least. 🙂  After quitting my full time gig 6 weeks ago I have not been super actively seeking employment. See… I have a part time job that is enough for now and I just wanted more me time to figure stuff out. I also want to make sure whatever job I do get is *right* because I want to stay there a looong looooong looooooong time.

So I have turned in three apps. One I was offered an interview for and they seemed very excited to have me, but I turned it down. It was only seasonal and would have likely been fun, but I want something more right now. One I did not have the qualifications for, but it interested me. I got a letter letting me know I did NOT get that one. The other has just been hanging out there with no news. I figured I just didn’t get it.

Then  *jumps up and down excitedly* I got a call offering an interview for that one. It is perfect timing too. It is the job I wanted the most. The one I have the most experience in. The one that is in the location I want. Oh and I had stopped even turning in apps cause I didn’t feel the time was right, but then the last week I have been thinking more about it and feeling it is time to once again seek out something more than the part time gig.  🙂 Sweeeet! It makes me happy even if I don’t get the job. I hear so many people in this market saying that they are not even getting offers for interviews. So I guess it makes me feel like my resume is ok. I always wonder about paying for help with my resume, but instead just write my own. 🙂

Oh and I hope that my bro and sis in law feel the same way…cause I got the gifts all wrapped and put in a box and labeled, but the box … well it is sitting in my kitchen waiting to go out…tomorrow. 

Good things come to those who wait… I hope.


Finally. They are finished!

Picture 039

That said, I hope Hannah is not OCD. Granted, I will love her regardless. I am just saying…

Lol. they are far from perfect and my seems are kinda wonky. Sorry lil’ one. Your aunt decided to learn to sew by making you a gift. 🙂

My sewing skills are improving greatly. I can finally feel semi confident in using my sewing machine.  Note to anyone else trying to learn to sew. These are an easy enough project, but don’t use stretchy stuff like this minky fabric for your first project. Nuff said.

Picture 038

Now to just get them mailed off. I have the next two days off from work so I think that is manageable. 🙂

A love for the past

Picture 032

A couple of years ago I read a book that mentioned the word “precycling” and this got me off on a crazy tangent. It had never occured to me that I should actually minimize what trash I have to start with. Suddenly the world seemed full of packaging. Ever thought about this stuff? Why DO we use disposable..EVERYTHING? I mean fabric napkins are soo much prettier. I love real dishes too. Oh and cloth towels really are nicer than paper ones most of the time (see ..tangent..stop me now).  Can you imagine buying grocery items at the store that came packaged in beautiful fabrics that were then used to make dresses and then when the clothes and then scraps were turned in to beautiful blankets?

While in the midst of my tangent, I found myself hanging out with a guy that used a hanky instead of tissues. You know my dad used those at one point…hmm…and come to think of it I had a whole slew of pretty hankerchiefs that my Grandma passed on to me. I distinctly remember sitting on her bed and taking turns with my mom and sis picking out hankerchiefs and thinking of ways to use them. Stuff like framing them and hanging them up on the wall as decor. I had never dreamed of using them for *ahem* boogers before though. At first the idea excited me. I invisioned pretty little lacy things sticking out of my back pocket. Only problem was cleaning them. I mean do you seriously throw stuff with boogers just in the wash with your normal clothes? So I googled…and found blogs with others using them…and comments about “ew boogers in your pocket”. Back in the drawer they went. Nope. Couldn’t do it. No boogers in my pockets.

Today I was reading Soule mama’s blog and she showed these beautiful photos of the hankerchiefs her family uses. *sigh* …off to find them and try to use them again.

…So it seems I hid them (the booger idea really DID scare me. :p ). I did however find these pretties. 

Picture 033

At some point as a kid I got this brilliant idea that I would make a quilt and my grandmother found out about it. She got out a box for me and gave me this massive collection of flowers that were to make a Grandmother’s flower garden quilt. The pieces are truly amazing. Tiny little scraps of fabric and some pieces even have hexagons that are pieced out of two even smaller scraps!

They were started by my Great Great Grandma and my Great Grandma, but they never finished them so they passed them on to Grandma. Grandma made a few and never finished them as well (notice a trend). She skipped my mom and passed them on to me.  My sister found out about this and wanted some too. Being the sweet lil’ sis that I am I shared them (ok, really she tried to convince me she should have them ALL). We sat around taking turns picking out flowers just like the hankerchiefs and mom promised to make us both a flower so it the final quilt would not skip her generation.  (note to self: remind mom that she needs to make a flower still).

I guess I come by this unfinished projects thing genetically…

Oh and Hannah’s burp cloths…still not done. I promise I will finish them tomorrow…


My favorite color. The color that surrounds me. The color of my bedding, my favorite Denali Jacket, and even my stapler. Purple!

Picture 035

While shopping with my mom the other night I found these adorable onsies. They reminded me so much of my own decor. I lucked out and found these cute little pants to match and I happened to have this little jacket in my stash of stuff already (My sister in law reminded me that it will probably be cold wherever they are once she is this size).  It turns out she does not have much in the 3-6 month size clothes yet. So Hannah now has PURPLE too.


Picture 036

Aww…monkey love. My nicname for my big bro is “Monkey” and he has always seemed to love monkey stuff so I knew when I saw monkey baby stuff his child had to have them. I started to collect a few monkey things, but after telling him of it he didn’t sound overly pleased at the idea of his little girl having monkeys. *sigh* Monkeys are so trendy right now. It is not that I am calling her a monkey…ok, well I might some day. You watch, she will be hanging on monkey bars and climbing around like a monkey in no time (the other two nieces did it…I doubt she will be an exception).

I decided to stick with just these two monkeys that I already had picked up for her. One is the book “Hug”. It was a favorite that I gave to my second niece (monkey number two).  I know I won’t get to hug Hannah as often as I would like so I hope that this will remind her.

The monkey toy was just too cute and the outfit is just a combo of more stuff I had in my stash that happened to match. Good thing for a new niece to clear out the stash during a time I am trying to get rid of stuff. 🙂

Christmas in July

Aww…this is the time of year us desert dwellers dream of winter.

Picture 037

Another small gift for baby Hannah. I hope she can use a few Christmasy things this winter. Truthfully, I did not actually buy them for her. I grabbed them both in after Christmas sales cause I thought they were too cute to pass up. It just happens they should fit her this December.

Auntie *hearts* you

Picture 026I made a wee bit more progress on the items I am sewing for the new babe, but they still need more work. Thank goodness for living so close to mom while trying to teach myself to sew. lol.

Mom and I also ventured out to look for a few store bought items for the new baby tonight. The bath toys I had picked up months ago after we found out that the newest family member was going to be a girl. I love turtles and instantly fell in love with the set. 🙂 Tonight I found the auntie onesies. Yep Hannah, your Auntie *hearts* you*.

I hope to finish up her other gifts tomorrow and mail them out on Monday. Now if only I could hold her instead of taking photos of her gifts.

Love wins

Picture 024With two days off from work in a row, I started my day with big dreams of making a massive dent in the list of projects. Alas, I found myself overwhelmed and dissatisfied with my current life…

This evening however a phone call changed that. It was from my big bro in Alabama…we have a beautiful new little baby girl in the family. As my mom keeps saying “It is so nice to have something to be excited about”. Yes it is. Love wins. Forget the overwhelming to do list and underwhelming paycheck. Love wins.

I cannot wait to meet her…and hold her…for tonight I simply am grateful for the photo my brother sent via text and I anxiously await more photos via email. Thankful for the technology that lets me see this precious little one from such a distance.

I had planned to make gifts for her in advance, but kept procrastinating. I must say in my defense..she did arrive a week early, but I am sure had she been just on time the pile of stuff to make would still be sitting there. So while waiting for photos, I hunkered down and at least made her card. The mood of the night helped to inspire me. So here is the card I plan to send congratulating my bro and sis in law on their new lil’ gift from above. Yep, love wins.